Thursday, January 21, 2010

Real Leaf Paparazzi: "The guy with THE drink"

Every time i leave my place, I make sure that I have all my things with me, wallet, phone, and specially my camera. It's my habit to take shots of almost everything that i feel like pointing and clicking my shutter to capture that certain moment and add it in my collections. I do not mind if people thinks of me differently, it's what i love! Here's what happened a few days before, I'm on my way to my daily routine exercise to jog in an oval field near my place, and I saw something that caught my attention; in the second level of the bleacher where peeps usually sit and rest, I saw this guy so relaxed, to my surprise, He's holding a Real Leaf Green Tea! No kidding! What a coincidence! Without hesitation, I silently went under the bleacher for a closer shot, I felt uncomfortable in my position because the joggers and people in the field looks at me like i have some kind of bad intention but i didn't bulge; I took the shot and the good thing is, the guy didn't even realize that i was underneath and that I'm taking advantage of his drink! One shot is all I needed and I got it! I felt like a real paparazzi and i felt the thrill in doing it. Well, Real Leaf is the star, then why not?